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Thames Path 100k (Part 2) Sept 9-10, 2017

After a couple of hours at the rest stop, the objective on leaving Runnymede is to get as far as possible before dark. This is a really pleasant leg with narrow twisty trails through fields and woods for the most part (and stinging nettles up to waist height).  Popping out into busy towns is still a shock, roads are busy and not easy to cross.  I'm probably looking the wrong way for traffic.

Sunset is beautiful, the Thames is very still.  I'm finally enjoying this whole thing quite a lot.

I thought this was some ancient Druidic rock and demanded a photo, turns out it's a bit of log surrounded by more nettles.  Meh.

We can see Windsor Castle, I can't remember if the flag was up (= Queen is home) and also forget to take a photo.  It is twilight now.  I'd love to explore this area in daylight.
We go through the centre of a bustling town (Windsor), it's completely surreal. People everywhere staring at us.  As we leave it's time to get the headlamps sorted out …

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