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Training With Virtual Races

My 2017 race season ended (fairly spectacularly) with RnR Las Vegas.  I had already started training for 2018 by November.  Since we typically have a lot of cold and snow in these parts I decided to add a few virtual races into the months of December and January just to keep things interesting.

Vegas Strong 5k
Operation Jack Half or Full
RnR Winter Runningland 5k series

Nuun Year Dash Half

I'd like to add another one for January, let me know if you have any suggestions! **Edit, I added this one....

Why Virtual?

No set start time or location - you choose.  It could be on the treadmill at 11 pm or out on a trail at 7 am.  Easy to fit with a training schedule.

Even though each race has a distance(s), you can still extend your run if you feel good.  There's no finish line!  I've done 30k for a virtual before, it gives that little bit extra motivation.

Vegas Strong just raised $65,000 for the victims of the shooting - you are running for a reason and spending time thi…

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