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The Beach

I'm back in sunny Calgary, back at work, back at life. I now owe the universe 3 race reports which I think I'll start on next.  I find them soothing. 

I had an entire day with my kittens yesterday, it was a fabulous therapy day.  They are marvelous.

I want to share a few photos from last week, this is Elie in Fife on the east coast of Scotland, between Dundee and Edinburgh.

Elie Beach, looking toward Lady's Tower.

Elie Ness Lighthouse, the tide had just gone out.

I grew up here next to the ocean, it really is beautiful.  We even saw dolphins out in the bay, that's the first time ever for me.  No photos due to a mix of excitement and incompetence.

Looking back towards town.

Even at the worst of times there is still so much beauty around us. 

And there's always ice cream.

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