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Zumba Love

I always seem to have a race coming up somewhere (I sign up for the damn things, it's all my fault) and I find I get quite tired during training.  Bloody knackered sometimes actually.  That applies mentally and physically.  No exercise makes me feel even worse, so I turn to my friend Zumba.


It's a hell of a good cardio workout
You can modify moves - jumps vs steps, arm movements, hips or no hips
It's just fun, pure fun
Loud upbeat tunes
You're focused on moves which gives your brain a break from everything else
It's an entire body workout with fluid easy movement
Zero pressure, nobody cares if you're coordinated or not
Variety, it's not just Latin.  My favourite classes are to chart stuff or hip hop. Despacito is a thing.

I took my first class in 2011 and have been doing it on and off ever since.  It's exactly the mental and fun exercise break I need.  My work offers a Monday morning class and the absolute very last thing I want to do is work out w…

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