The Blog and Me

'Do Things Always' came from Scott Jurek.  Stop questioning everything, stop analyzing - just do it.  To quote Ray Bradbury and my friend Greg "doing is being".  

I blog because I have to be occupied/obsessed with something, a special interest and a focus, something hard work and rewarding.  I have to be doing.  I started running for my physical health and now I run for my mental health.  This blog also provides a convenient repository for all my race reports, comic expo reviews, kayaking trips and general adventures.  

Bio stuff

Here's where I'm originally from in Scotland (Leven, Fife) as painted by Jack Vettriano. They have knocked the power station down now.  

Kev and I got married on April 17th, 2000 beside the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  I wish I could do it all again.  It was warm and beautiful and my dress got caught on cactus.

We emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 2002, and lived in Whitby, ON then Windsor, ON before moving to Calgary, AB in 2006.  We have mountains!

We adopted our first little rescue furball in 2010.  Right now Pepper and Tess (seniors), Kaos and Daisy (brand new) are our small rays of chaotic sunshine.  They fill the house with love, happiness and hair.  Quite a lot of hair.  


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