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Twin Peaks Festival 2018

It was a dream.

I stepped into the Double R to order cherry pie and a mug of coffee, disappearing into the world of Bob, a magic green gardening glove, Woodsmen from another dimension, Judy, silent running drapes and fuck you Tammy.  I existed in this dazzling dark beautiful world with 300 others.  Many of us were here for the first time.

As Cooper tells us 'every day, once a day, give yourself a present'.  The gift of a festival ticket I gave myself back in February just kept on giving. It will never stop giving, I'll always be able to take myself back here through the vortex of memory and imagination. 

Black as midnight on a moonless night.  No fish.

Registration, town hall with unexpected cast appearances by Chrysta Bell (Agent Tammy) and Anthony Marcacci (Woodsman), DONUTS! trivia contest, dinner at a splendid country club overlooking Mt Si.

I should mention the weather.  The entire week was hot, sunny, beautiful - the very definition of summer.  Not quite the a…

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