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2019 Goals

Welcome to the 2019 goal bandwagon.  I wasn't going to, but I usually do and then I did, so here it is.

A 48 hr PR and personal long that I am proud of - February.
Run an enjoyable marathon in Pittsburgh, train hard for the Pittsburgh 5k - May.
Add other races as we go through the year.

Transition from having a credit line balance to having a savings account.  I am so close on this, no thanks to recent shenanigans of the car and dishwasher.

Following on from the money theme, I have nothing booked after my vacation renewal date in July. N o t h i n g.  It's so liberating.  In 2019 we want to take advantage of deals and be more spontaneous. For the past few years we've accounted for 100% of our vac days a year in advance, usually for races.  This year, no.  Imagine the possibilities!

Over Christmas I transferred a ton of our old vacation pics to a backup drive and online to OneDrive.  The old albums were taking up a lot of physical space so I&#…

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