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5 Things to do Before Race Day

So you've signed up for a race, I'm proud of you.  Are you nervous?  I get nervous no matter the distance I'm doing or how many times I've done it.  Embrace that feeling, it's the feeling of being alive.  There's a ton of things to think about, to organize and to do before the big day.  You can't control everything that happens in the race but you can take steps to be in the best place you can be as you move toward the start line.

1 - Getting There

Arrange your travel plans now.  Have a look at the start/finish line area map.  In Edmonton we're lucky as those are the same points.  Are you parking?  When and where.  Which roads are closed?  Are you using gear check?  What time do you need to be at it?  If you're taking transit, what time do the trains/buses run?

2 - Gear

Have outfits ready for rain/sun or whatever else the weather might throw at you.  Try everything out well in advance, nobody needs a surprise chafing situation on the day.  Will you ne…

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