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Pittsburgh Training - 20 Days to Marathon

The 20 miler didn't happen, instead I ran for 3 hours *looks up to check for lightning bolt*.  I read a fantastic post by Tina Muir about running by effort for a set time instead of forcing a specific distance.  I did that exactly and ran for time with the pace/distance on the TM covered up - mostly by Amy Schumer as I found one of her shows on You Tube.  Amy shut down the negative voices in my brain right away, it was magic.

Most plans don't take into account how long it takes a 5 hour marathon runner (also referred to during my online search as a 'beginner', a 'plodder' and a 'hobby jogger' lolz) to complete 18/20 milers in training.

Last weekend I ran for 90 mins at race pace.  I have hit my other workouts, speed, hills, strength training.  I’ve yet to have that one magical run where everything feels great (hell I’d settle for vaguely mediocre) but I’ll be optimistic and hope that’s the marathon.

Regardless of how the actual race turns out, I am del…

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