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Twin Peaks Festival 2019 (Thurs/Fri)

Thursday evening Diane, entering the town of Twin Peaks.  Never seen so many trees in my life.

After hotel check in, our first destination was Reinig Bridge (Ronette's Bridge).  "Turn at the Milk Barn!"  It's now part of a pathway system so the rails are gone.

Then two cups of coffee and pie at the Double R (Twede's).  This might have been what led to the nightmares I had later, culminating in a 3am honest to god actual earthquake (4.6 on the scale).


3am earthquake (!), 5am Falls visit, Registration, donuts, DL coffee, trivia contest, celeb meet and greet, Rebekah Del Rio performance, David Lynch movie night (Blue Velvet).

Since I was up anyway post-quake, I decided Kev would enjoy a dawn trip to Snoqualmie Falls to see it in the mist.

Enthusiasm level: dubious.

We had the entire place to ourselves for an hour and a half, just the sound of the falls and my knees stiffening up.  Views ranged from this:

To, very briefly, this:

Before going back to solid mist a…

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