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Fairview Mountain

Fairview Mountain  13 km  1015m elevation gainThe weather forecast was excellent for Saturday of Labour Day weekend with sunshine all day so we decided to take on something with elevation.  Since we were staying at the Chateau parking was easy despite getting caught in backed up cars for the main lot, it got so busy later the highway exit was closed to Lake Louise from 12-4.  It's madness.This trail starts behind the boathouse (which was insanely busy) then heads straight up.  Maybe that's why we barely saw anyone.  As you pass through avalanche paths, views gradually open up to look back to the Chateau and village.  
Looking ahead to Saddle Mtn.  This can also be added to the day.

After about 2.5k of up the trail levels out at a saddle.  It's a beautiful area full of larches, and bonus - views open up all around.
Before tackling Fairview we took a trail to the left for a view down Paradise Valley to Lake Annette.  The biggest climb is still ahead so this is an ideal opportun…

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