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Aldwych Disused Station

When the London Transport Museum released their 2018 Hidden London schedule, the Aldwych end of the line tour started on the day we were due to fly back.  Oh no!  I noticed Brit Movie Tours also offers this tour on occasion and as luck would have it they were running one (literally just one) on the day before we left.  
If you are interested in any of these tours I would strongly advise signing up to the email lists of both companies so you can be alerted when tickets go on sale.  
It was extremely easy to find our meeting spot as the original facade of both entrances is still very visible from the street.  Note the design and colour similarities to the old Euston station, both are by architect Leslie Green.

After our lovely guide signed us in we got straight down to business and stepped inside the locked station.  Most Tube stations are extremely warm however this disused one was quite chilly.  Don't worry, the 160 stair climb back up from the platforms heats you up a great deal…

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