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Edmonton Marathon August 18, 2019

It’s race time in the beautiful city of Edmonton!  Having watched hours upon hours of Oilers VHS tapes while growing up in Scotland, Edmonton will always be cool for me.
The Expo was excellent. That giant signed poster was put up at the start line, we watched Graffiti Salad make some awesome art, and I customized my own shirt.  There was a bit of extra pressure after adding a 42.2 to the back!

I was so tempted by the beer garden but managed to resist.  Instead I stocked up on some new flavour GU gels (not for the race) and a bunch of other race-nibbles.
Soon it was time to get ready for an early start....

I second guessed my outfit when I saw the forecast change to rain in the morning and went with a longsleeve top.  Even in the wind and rain I was too hot for the first half of the race.  Since I had the early start I was able to text Kev to make sure he didn't make the same mistake.

The Piper at the gates (start line) of dawn.  What a lovely way to begin a race.  I feel right at…

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