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2019 Pittsburgh Pre-Marathon Post!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Here are all my goals for Pittsburgh race weekend.


I love that PGH doesn't show you the medal until you cross a finish line and earn it, however sometimes a medal is floating around at the expo - AVOID!  I am giving myself permission to buy some 'things'.  Dick's Sporting Goods usually does some great T shirts.

Saturday 5k

I usually have a 5k the day before a marathon (something about extra medals) and I use it to see where I'm at.  If I'm close to or under 30 mins I typically have an excellent marathon.  This year I think I'll need all my energy for the marathon because survival, so this will actually be a shakeout/easy run.  No goals.

Sunday Marathon

I'm taking on the PGH 26.2 for the fourth time so there's no pretending this is an easy course.  Note: run brand new marathon course somewhere sometime.  I made some hopeful goals up and I am going to believe in myself on race day.

A   5:30
B   5:45
C …

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