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Our beautiful soft chatty princess has gone to be with Jack.  The sweetest of little creatures with nothing but love for everyone.  Every morning she would greet us with requests to be fed (sometimes well before we were getting up), then she raced me down the stairs and after she had eaten we would have a 10 minute cuddle.  If I worked from home I would get regular cuddles all day.  So many cuddles, always accompanied by her lovely deep purrs and warm little body.  Even on the day we let her go. The very first thing she did when we met her in 2010 was climb on my lap and start purring.  We put cat stairs next to the bed after she started pawing at me from the floor and wanting picked up at 3am.  She had her own little cat table (thanks Ikea) to eat her dinner from.  She put her paws in the water fountain.  She cleaned her sister Pepper's head. She loved her Daddy brushies.  She would roll on her back in front of the fire and show us her irresistibly soft tummy.  I loved giving her

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