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Waterton in Winter

  With only two hotels and their restaurants open over the winter, this is the quietest National Park anywhere near Calgary.  The Prince of Wales hotel closes after Labour Day in the manner of The Shining but (I think) minus live in caretaker.  Well really who knows what might be going on in there behind the boards. Cameron Falls is in full winter coat.  It was so cold (-40's wind chill) people were parking near it and taking photos through the window.  I ventured out but the wind was nasty.  Usually when we come down here it's not that cold but this visit coincided with a polar vortex.  Because of course it did. The Akamina Parkway opened to vehicle traffic in the fall for the first time since the 2017 Kenow Wildfire.  The fire affected 80% of hiking trails in the park but left the town unscathed.  The landscape looks so different now.  It's particularly striking in winter with the lack of green undergrowth.  As in previous years, there's a parking area 2.5k from Camer

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