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Pittsburgh Marathon May 5, 2019

I always look forward to this marathon more than anything, but this year as we drive over to the start 26.2 miles seems like an incredibly long way.  I haven't felt this bad since right before Kaua'i, my very first marathon.  Parking is easy and we take the T over to the Westin for the Steel City RR VIP area.  I know being in Corral D we don't get started until about 7:30 so I find a lovely soft seat, visit the quiet bathrooms several times and enjoy watching all the to-ing and fro-ing of other runners.

I go out into the rain to watch the start of the race before heading down (and down and down) to my corral.  Let's get these miles started.  This is how we do 26.2, one mile at a time.  I remember moving toward the start line the last 3 times I ran this race and how much energy and motivation I had.  I search for a little bit of that drive inside myself.

The first few miles are pleasant, although it's lightly raining it's actually quite warm.  I'm glad I did…

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