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Kayaking Upper Kananaskis - July 1 2022

It's getting harder and harder to escape crowds in the mountains, an early start and some luck is definitely helpful.  We had both on July 1.  Since storms were forecast later in the day we decided to stay relatively close to home with a trip to Upper Kananaskis Lake.  This was the last trip we did in 2021 and I was surprised to see it was again very still and incredibly beautiful.  It is quickly becoming my favourite. We got parked easily, right next to our launch point. A new spring/summer add was pollen on the lake surface. Another addition was snow on the peaks, just lovely.  I like it best when it's in the process of melting rather than accumulating.  Here's the start of the clouds rolling over.  Kev is in front of Mount Indefatigable.   Still sunny!  There's nothing more wonderful than being out in the hot mountain sunshine.  After we parked the boats I dropped my phone in the lake.  I'm really good at that. Last year this was an island, this year it's pre

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