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The Canada Beer Run (Calgary) Sept 8, 2019

Last year we ran the first ever edition of the Canada Beer Run in Calgary and had a ton of fun, so when registration opened for year 2 we were on it.  Same folks (mostly), different year, different beer.

The route was quite different this year also with a start in Beltline and finish near Chinook.  And 7 breweries!

But first.  Coconuts needed adjusting.

Cinder-ale-as (wave 1) get ourselves going at 11:30, the first two breweries (Brewsters and Inner City) are superb being about 100m apart and all.  Winning!

The next one is Trolley 5 on 17th, I remember coming here for pizza once and it was excellent!  Sadly there is no time for that today, we are heading off to stops 4 and 5 in Inglewood.  This feels like a long way (4k).  Luckily Cold Garden and Ol' Beautiful are right next door to each other.

It's great weather for running (and beer).  Next stop is Eighty-Eight and we leave a little early to enjoy the beer and snacks on their patio.  I love snacks.  There's always great…

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