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Forgetmenot Pond

I haven't been able to do too much while my tattoo is healing, actually it's been quite nice truth be told.  I have been missing the mountains however and while it's hard for me to drive past all those inviting trailheads, this weekend we found a gorgeous destination with minimal effort.

Coming from Bragg Creek, if you continue about 10k past Elbow Falls you will reach the end of route 66, turn left then left again (pond is signposted).  The winter gate at Elbow Falls opens mid May but I bet it's a gorgeous bike ride if you can time it between the snow melt and gate opening.

The pond has a paved/gravel trail around it or you can sit at one of the many benches or picnic areas.  Then you can just take in all this beauty.

If you follow the trail around there are various routes down to the Elbow River.

According to Pokemon we walked 1.6k total and that included the pond loop with river detour.  
My favourite early season flowers were out - Shooting Stars (Dodecatheon).


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