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Grinnell Glacier (Glacier, MT)

Grinnell Glacier     13 miles    680 m elevation gain  (August long weekend 2019)
This hike was top of my list last year but it was hemmed in with winter snow still (yes, in July).  Although the elevation and distance aren't all that different from Iceberg it felt considerably harder.  
We started out from our cabin at 8:30 am, it was already warm enough to wear a tank top.  We had to hike along the road to the trailhead where parking was already full (yikes) then head onto the trail by Swiftcurrent Lake.  
After passing Swiftcurrent we hiked alongside Lake Josephine which was just beautiful in the early morning sun.  

This is where we started to ascend.  Views gradually opened up to Grinnell Lake below and the falls at the far end of the valley.  What a perfectly still blue mountain lake.  There wasn't a single cloud in the sky.  We could see tiny people on the lake edge.

The trail itself was fairly rough and rocky with awful stone 'steps' at regular intervals.  After…

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