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The Prince of Wales, Waterton NP

Last year we spent more time than usual in the lovely fancy hotels dotted around this area.  We did not get to the Prince of Wales in Waterton however, though I have wanted to stay there for years.  Finally in 2021 we have had our first stay, I booked a 5th floor 'attic' room facing the lake.   As you can see from the lake, it was windy which is very typical of Waterton.  I was hoping we would have the wind blowing at the window all night (I find that relaxing) and I was not disappointed.   Since it was so quiet we got a tour of the hotel including the Belltower which has 360 views from the top and no glass in the windows.  Marvelous! The central lobby is open with huge windows overlooking the lake at the end.  The wood detailing throughout is fabulous. They have the staff wearing kilts, which I'm sure is challenging especially given how susceptible the area is to strong winds. This is the Rocky Horror elevator, you can fit about 2 people in it and it has to be operated by

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