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Rock n Roll Denver Half October 21, 2018

Original plan ↑↑
Actual  ↓↓

Denver brought summer back all weekend long.  It's still a little cool in the wind at the start line, I spend quality time clinging to a cup of tea waiting for the sun to rise.  I also move back a few corrals as I'm being realistic about my time (or lack of).  Everything is easy, plenty portas, space to get in corrals, good tunes, excitement.
The first 5k is perfect, I'm running with a pacer and my watch is telling me good things, almost back-to-normal running form things.  I am invincible!  I stop to check out Coors Field then I'm on my own.  At 10k I realize my watch thinks I've done about a km more than the markers.  Oh.  That's why.  Nevermind.
The sun is out in full force by now and it mostly makes up for the realization I'm still actually quite slow.  At 12k we enter City Park, it's beautiful.  Again with the blue sky.

All kinds of fun stuff going on.

Late October has never looked so mid August.  

Crab apples on the gr…

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