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Learnings of Jackpot for Make Better 48hr Race

I think now is a good time to revisit the things I'm going to do to improve the 2019 edition of Jackpot.  I have a very clear objective this year - beat last year.

Realistic goal

Last time I got caught up on a specific number, this time I absolutely want to achieve a personal long and a respectable 48 hour PR.  Focus on being out there for as much of the race time as possible.  I said I wanted to do that last year but then 100 miles popped into my head and drove me crazy and I quit.  The beauty of this race is the possibilities it gives you.  Beyond Limits!


I have a much better awareness of how this affects me. I realized during Chiltern I was only getting enough calories for half a leg at each stop and this has given me a much better idea of how often I need to eat.  I will fill my water bottle with Coke once every few laps as a lovely syrupy calorie laden treat.  We'll have small grab bags of stuff to take on each lap.


My Altra Torins are lined up and ready for acti…

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