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Rock n Roll San Diego Half June 5, 2022

4 am alarm.  Sunday.  We stand outside the hotel waiting for a taxi until 5:45 which is a little stressful for a 6:15 race start.  Do not recommend.  It's too early for transit and there are no race shuttles.  Apparently the entire town is in gridlock (because race) and when our taxi does arrive, he doesn't want to take us there.  We get in anyway with another panicking runner and we get as close to the start as we can.   I am channeling The Last of Us.   The race starts while we are in the bathroom line (again) and I join whichever corral has space at the back - my start time ends up being about 7am.  There are so many people, almost 11,000 today.  Yay!  I thought I might be able to pull off a shamble run affair but I simply can't.  Finishing is my priority, I need to find a way to do that.  After yesterday I'm quite pleased to be able to walk without pain though it's a little discouraging when you have 13 miles ahead.  I have nothing but respect for walkers, it

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