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Spooky Empire, Orlando 2022

When I first heard about Spooky Empire I thought there was no way we'd be making it.  However, sometimes the stars turn and a time and an opportunity presents itself.  Here's your (magnificent) Twin Peaks cast lineup: Look it's Agent Cooper!  I honestly never expected to see him at a fan expo and still didn't actually think I'd see him until he was literally right in front of me. Our journey to Orlando involved a flight to Atlanta then a 7 hour drive.  Apart from a long delay getting to the rental car office in ATL, it went perfectly.  What a wonderful change. Friday (will call, vendors, foam workshop, autos - Ray Wise, Kimmy Robertson, Robyn Lively, Carel Struycken, Candie Mandie Sandie photo) We had been at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights until past 2 am so getting organized was a slow process in the morning.  We also took what turned out to be a hellishly long and hot detour to the OC Convention Center (West).  It's actually right across the road fro

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