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Halloween Horror Nights 32 - Hollywood (Oct 23)

Orlando was so good we ended up (in a deeply irresponsible manner) booking a trip to Hollywood after we got back.  Hollywood had the same IPs plus Evil Dead Rise, the Terror Tram featuring a walk through of Jordan Peele's Jupiter's Claim set (from Nope) with the tethered from Us (beyond amazing), and 2 original Houses.  The dancing M3GANs could be viewed in a luxurious theatre with perfect lighting.  There was even a Purge stunt show.  We met Norman Bates!  Quite a lot of winning.  It's also interesting that although both Universals had the same IPs, they are not the same designs, the creative teams work on them independently in each location.   Universal Studios Hollywood sits over an upper lot, a lower lot and also the backlot.  We made sure to do the studio tour during the day to see the backlot, then we returned to walk some of it on the Terror Tram.  That was a huge highlight.  We literally walked past the Bates Motel, through the plane wreckage from War of the Worlds

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