The Jackpot 24hr Pre-Race Post

I'm two weeks out from the race so it's about time for my traditional pre-race post.  Soon I get to take on 24 hours of relentless forward motion - yay?!


Based on the sunrise times we are looking at:

8.5 hrs sun/light
13 hrs dark
2.5 hrs sun/light

That affects clothing choices quite a bit, we'll need to make sure we have packed enough warm stuff for all those night hours.


I have put in slow miles, cross trained, strength trained.  I would describe my training as 'unstructured'.  Think about your ideal training plan - this was not it.  I've been in a crappy place in my head since Christmas.  I know how important mental state is and every day I'm trying to get toward a positive place.  Feeling bad mentally = very tired physically.

I'm well over my goal weight but with no injuries/pain/issues.  I've tried extremely hard to get that weight off with very minor results so far.  Time to stop beating myself up and focus on the race.  I have visions of burning off 10 pounds while I'm out on the course.  That's realistic right?!


I've never run all day then made it into the night hours - see LSU DNF.  I want to prove to myself I can do it and that is my top goal.  Ideally I want to keep moving for 24 hours without long breaks.  As far as distance goes, anything over my personal long of 66k is a win but I really want that 100k.

I have no idea how I'll feel 15 or 20 hours in.  I imagine there will be a lot of pain and I'll be pissed off and I'll have to figure out a way to move through it all while also staying awake. Lazarus Lake once said if you can take even one more step then do it.  So that's the plan.