Dino Dash 10k Sept 6, 2014

A race too far - ack.  This was a late addition and I should not have added it.  I was running through treacle from 3k onwards.

The race starts at 11am by Foothills Athletic Park at U of C.  Great set up, easy parking, track finish and all the sunshine in the world.  We huddle together under trees (it is HOT) then head for the start line, I find Miss Tina and meet Sandra (hello!) check out her virtual charity runs, she has fantastic medals.

Off we truck to the timing line which I pass by on the wrong side.  Reverse.  Arse.  I decide not to run until reaching it then shoot off far too quickly.  At 2k I'm getting far too hot, perhaps a hat would have been good?  I didn't think this through clearly.  By 3k I am walking and have run out of water.  I keep going but stop looking at my watch.  At 5k I check in with Monsieur Garmin and am way off pace at 33 something.

At this stage I don't really want to keep going and wait for support (sorry Tina).  I'm still not sure if I helped any or just pissed her off but heaven knows the company is awesome for the rest of the race.  Keeping up with her stops me walking or pouting (or just sitting down) and damn it bitches we are coming home in style.

We are channeling our inner Patsy & Eddie.  Everybody should.

Always celebrate the finish darling.

Kev got a PR by about half a minute though he doesn't realize that at the time.  Trevor won the 5k in a disgustingly fast time.  Here we are attempting to absorb some speedy vibes from him.

Pic from Tina, muchas gracias

All in all it was a very well organized race, superb location, fab dinosaur footprint medal and a thrilling last 300m or so on the track.  Plus the best company EVER sweetie.


  1. shiiiiiit. lookit that bjtch doin the pigeon in the background. ruining our glorious shot. hahahahhah too funny. That was a hot race. The one in which we both went out TOO fast! haha. still a glorious fun day. with a good medal and a lotta laffs


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