My Fat, the Cat and Some Other Stuff

Hey everyone, it's Thursday!  I'm linking up with Amanda over at Running with Spoons to set all the random crap in my brain free, read the original post for more details and join us.

Huge weight loss fail.  I've managed almost 2 of an initially hopeful 7 lbs before Vegas. I'm going to stop stressing over it and get on with the running and the training and get my races done.  No matter what I'm doing the weight isn't really shifting.  Meh.

Pic in case it never happens again

Our small fuzzy family addition is doing just great.  She's been free to roam the house since Friday and though there's still hissing she's doing okay with her new kitty friends.  She's decided to start sleeping in the cat tree and we haven't noticed her hiding under the bed much.  Fingers crossed it keeps going well.  Last week she clawed me in the head then the next day jumped into my lap and fell asleep.  Because she is a cats.

I'm watching Mad Men on Netflix, it's fascinating.  Smoking, everyone, 24/7.  I remember going into restaurants as a kid and seeing all the smoke.  We're lucky that's not a thing anymore.  How can that ever have been okay?  Do what you want by all means, but not in my face.  My face will tell you to fuck off.

Did you know we have had a ridiculous amount of rain and thunderstorms in July and now into August?  Every weekend in the mountains we've either been rained on or dodged storms.  This is not typical of our summers at all.  It keep things interesting though, we've descended off ridges really fast lately, good training?  That being said, if it could please stop now that would be great.

It occurred to me that we're heading to Vegas in November just a couple of days after the election.  WON'T THAT BE INTERESTING?

Here's a thing someone sent me.  You're welcome.


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