Harvest Half Oct 1, 2016

Harvest got added to the schedule to ensure I could actually run a Half before heading out to Vancouver later in the month.  I had no time goals.

Can you guess which one is race day?

Lightning woke us up in the morning, along with heavy rain.  Marvellous!

I second guessed my skirt decision and went with capris, which meant I was far too hot for about 8k until the drizzle kicked in.

Race start is 7:45, through houses before heading down into beautiful Fish Creek Park.  It's a series of little hills which is angering both my Achilles.  No rain yet.  The leaves are pretty.  This race has felt like hard work from the start, it's going to be a case of getting it done today.  Damn.

The rain starts down in the park which is really nice to begin with as it cools me down.  We hit halfway (1:15), then a few puddles, then my blisters resume where they left off at LS.  Oh hello you bastard things.

Intense drizzle commences and off we go on the struggle bus.  The scenery is gorgeous even through the fog/rain.  17km presents Sikome Hill, yay.  I wonder if my house or my car is closer right now?

Onward slog, pain everywhere.  The volunteers and police handling traffic are brilliant.  We're so lucky people come out in the rain and do this so we can run.

The finish line creeps up around a bend and there will be no sprinting.  Once again I'm really happy to get this race done (2:40 slightly better than 2013).  Maybe we can never be friends.

Got to love chocolate milk at the end, best.

Medals are nice too.

I'm not entirely sure what I did to myself, but I spent the rest of the weekend in bed.


  1. Congratulations on the race! I've ran it once and it's hilly, but a beautiful course!

    1. It's very pretty in fall! I'd love to actually enjoy it one of these years :)


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