The Canada Beer Run (Calgary) Sept 8, 2019

Credit: Canada Beer Run

Last year we ran the first ever edition of the Canada Beer Run in Calgary and had a ton of fun, so when registration opened for year 2 we were on it.  Same folks (mostly), different year, different beer.

The route was quite different this year also with a start in Beltline and finish near Chinook.  And 7 breweries!

But first.  Coconuts needed adjusting.

Cinder-ale-as (wave 1) get ourselves going at 11:30, the first two breweries (Brewsters and Inner City) are superb being about 100m apart and all.  Winning!

The next one is Trolley 5 on 17th, I remember coming here for pizza once and it was excellent!  Sadly there is no time for that today, we are heading off to stops 4 and 5 in Inglewood.  This feels like a long way (4k).  Luckily Cold Garden and Ol' Beautiful are right next door to each other.

It's great weather for running (and beer).  Next stop is Eighty-Eight and we leave a little early to enjoy the beer and snacks on their patio.  I love snacks.  There's always great music here.

After about half an hour we remember there's a 5k stretch to the finish ahead.  At this point in the run that seems like quite a long way....we are already 6 breweries in!

There's walking, shuffling, complaining and some people are running bless them.  This lovely beer oasis eventually appears on the horizon.

Done!  It's time for that pint.  And some nibbles.  How cool are the medals?!

We also won an award for looking spectacular (I think) I'd had a few drinks by then.  It's the coolest thing ever.  I love you Eighty Eight Brewing!


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