Virtually Knackered - the '20 Roundup

 Me registering for 2020 virtual races:

I've ended up with a total of 28 virtuals, which for me is quite a lot of races.  Last year I only did 5 'actuals’.  Since everything else was in such a mess I'm happy I can look back on 2020 and say I achieved a thing (medal hoarding?)  Getting on the treadmill or getting outside and completing a distance then checking it off my ever expanding list has been distracting from the near constant state of panic.

Medals and race kit arriving in the mail has also been exciting, especially when they're from places in the US I wish I was going to.

Looking at you Kaua'i.

Here's my absolute favourite virtual race packages this year:

Detroit - the heat sheet and finish line tape are super cool. 

Pittsburgh EQT 10 miler - there’s so much in this I don’t even know where to start.  It’s a little box of Pittsburgh!  

I’ve learned treadmill marathons are endless and not a patch on the real thing. 

I've done races I've always wanted to do:

Cincinnati, Marine Corps, Ottawa

And races I've done before and loved:

ET, Pittsburgh, Detroit

In between all this I've had a summer in the mountains exploring trails I've never had the chance to see before.  It's been amazing (and such a relief) having the energy to do stuff again.  Praise be the iron supplements. 

My 2020 Running Reboot is complete, just not quite in the way I expected.  Thank you running for always being there no matter how much I hate you, and no matter how much you hate me sometimes.  For 2021 I would like to do an actual race with people and bananas and a finish line.  In America. Or the UK.  It will be a celebration of survival. 


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