Happy New Year!

It's been a year has it not?  Congratulations on surviving it no matter what shape you're in.  It's a victory.  Remember it's okay to take care of yourself and switch off.  

I want to leave 2020 behind on a relatively positive note and since we spent a lot of time in the mountains right here in our backyard, here are a few of my favourite photos.

This one screams 2020.  He looks as tired as I feel.

We hiked in the Moraine Lake area as much as we could, despite the parking getting more and more challenging.  My favourite was Paradise Valley, it was just so quiet.  Lake Annette took my breath away, perfectly still in the early morning light.  Mt Temple is in back.

Valley of the Ten Peaks was also stunning.  

For the first time, we hiked to Lake Agnes and her teahouse.  We continued on to Big Beehive for the views.  The rainstorm en route made it interesting.  It's moving off down the valley below us.

We got used to finding cake, scones and tea in the middle of our trails.  A tale of 2 teahouses - Agnes on the left, 6 Glaciers on the right.  Tea has been served at Lake Agnes for 115 years, and for 93 at 6 Glaciers.

After 15 years we finally visited Mount Edith Cavell near Jasper.  It was everything I hoped it would be but minus the crowds.

Mount Fairview was our last summer hike.  You can't beat those views. We've seen Lake Louise from all angles now.

We canoed on Lake Louise for the first time ever in 2020, the Chateau gave us a complimentary voucher every time we stayed there. This is from our last visit in October, it was snowing and just before the boats went into their shed for winter.  We had to wait for a snow-nado on the lake to calm down before we went out.

Thanks to some awesome deals from Fairmont due to missing international tourists, we stayed at the Chateau Lake Louise once a month from it's re-opening in June through Thanksgiving weekend.  Only guests were allowed in and there were exactly zero busloads of people.  It was a beautiful peaceful oasis during this terrible year.

Probably the most spectacular I've seen Moraine Lake look.  We rolled up the open road at 12 to find the wind had dropped enough to see reflections.  It was perfect with new snow on the trees.  This is going to be my screensaver forever.

2020 was in no way 'good' but there were a lot of moments I'll always remember.  If nothing else this year has certainly made me appreciate what I have and what we can usually do, effortlessly, for the most part. 

2021, please do better. 


  1. Yes .... do better. Love your pictures. I tried to stay in the mountains as much as I could in 2020. It helped with my sanity.

    1. Thank goodness we have the mountains! Can't wait for summer. I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures up there.

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