Johnston Canyon - April 2, 2021

Johnston Canyon is one the busiest trails here with parking for 250 cars, shuttles and regular buses dropping people off - except it apparently isn't when the access road is closed.  Only 3 people were ahead of us in the canyon and we didn't even see them until they passed us on their way out. 

It was relatively freezing at 8:30 when we started out from Rockbound trailhead but the 6 km hike up highway 1A warmed us up.  Apart from a viewpoint and a couple of road signs there wasn't a ton to see.  Unless you count the majestic firs and mountains on all sides.

The path in the canyon was pure ice, spikes/grips are required.  First stop - Lower Falls.  Deserted!  I used live mode on my iPhone for this shot.

I was sure the camera was going to topple off into the water.  The viewing area is so small, I can't imagine it in the middle of tourist season.  We crossed thick ice in the small tunnel to reach it.

The Upper Falls are spectacular in winter.

Random other falls en route, there's so much to see in this short stretch.  

All that was left was to investigate this area.

Possibly one of the most beautiful trails we've ever done.  Total distance was 20kms.

On the way out we passed quite a few cyclists and hikers, parking was full and the overflow lot also looked pretty full.  Early start for the win!


  1. Early start and traction aids are totally necessary. I started a winter walk up to the ice pots with a buddy with an empty parking lot, and came back to it jammed. Lower trails packed. Totally no photo opportunities, but we'd done that on the way up. Glad you enjoyed!

    1. We have to make the most of these opportunities for quiet! Glad you got out there. It turns out there's still a twice daily shuttle carting people in by bus, who knew.


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