Kayaks yay! Crawling Valley Reservoir

Last year we ordered kayaks during the worldwide shortage of basically everything and the order fell through so this year we got in early.  I still thought it would fall through because I'm optimistic that way, but we got a call recently and voila our new boats - Kokopelli Moki's were here.

Our inflation process involves doing the floor section then half inflating both side tanks, attaching spray deck then finish inflating.  Did I mention these are inflatable kayaks?  Then we add the seats and foot thingies.  There are handy pockets on the back of the seat for the emergency kit, drinks and snacks.  You know, important things.  It took about an hour for both kayaks on Saturday and I expect it will get quicker as we refine the process.  

For our first ever voyage we chose a quiet reservoir to the east of Calgary - Crawling Valley.  This was partly based on the weather forecast being better to the east than the west.

We've done most of our kayaking/canoeing around Las Vegas in hardshell boats so it was a new experience in the inflatables.  They handled well on the water and were super easy to lift out at the end.  

This tree reminded me of The Ring.

Obligatory selfie on one of many islands.  We named every one Goose Island.  We were very respectful of the feathered occupants, they outnumbered people about 1000 to 1. 

It was basically deserted on the lake and an absolutely perfect day to try out the boats.  It's likely busier in summer.

The clouds gradually came in which was a shame as it was a beautiful warm day.  We concluded the expedition in heavy rain.  I should also mention all the flies, I mean everywhere.  Not bitey but very swarmy.

I can't wait to see all the places we can explore in these little boats.  It's nice to escape the shit show for a while.


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