We lost our sweet little soul Jack this week.  I can't imagine being without his constant furry presence.  Everything we did in the house involved him which is why there's hair over all of it.  My Gran has received various Christmas packages involving bits of bonus Jack.  

He was chatty, demanding, affectionate and so full of energy.  He met us at the door without fail, needed cuddles at 3am, shouted when dinner was not served in a timely manner and came running to me with his tail up when I called him.  He also came running when I called any of the other cats, while without exception the one I was calling ignored me completely.  

His big tail was always in the way.  He had huge soft paws.  He had 4 beds in every room but his favourite was our bed.  His coat smelled like warm cinnamon.  There are still mini Jack tumbleweeds blowing around the hardwood and I don't want to vacuum them away.  

If there's any justice and fairness in any part of creation he is now running around freely chasing anything his heart desires.  

Jack you are our whole entire heart.


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