Now that Las Vegas is in the books (and what a splendid book it was) we are looking ahead to the next thing.  That's something that's very hard to do in this climate, but nevertheless I persist.  We don't have enough vacation time for the UK until after July, so we had been thinking about a short US trip with the hope that by June the US/Can travel restrictions are lessened - at least the testing element.  That shit is stressful.

Hello San Diego!  I had intended to run two Rock n Roll events in 2020, so this feels kind of awesome for 2022.  San Diego is so beautiful and I can't wait to go back.  Also it's hard to run just one of these events because medals and shiny things and atmosphere.

I set the bar very low in Vegas, now I plan to train for 3 months and raise it as much as I can in SD.  I want to lose weight and actually run these races.  After months of apathy it's nice to have a goal.

Not quite subliminal messaging in Vegas!  Sold!


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