Edmonton 2022 is on (wait, nope)

UPDATE 6/13: Nope it's off, I have to heal a tear in my calf and apparently that's not happening while I try to keep running on it.  

This is not quite the official ad.  When I registered for 2020 I was being optimistic on a number of levels and now here we are in 2022 and oh shit I’m registered for a marathon!  

Seriously though, I’m delighted Edmonton is back and live.  Will this be my 4th Edmonton 26.2 - I hope so. It’s August, it’s a lovely course and just a nice place to be.  I will try.

This will be Marathon #14.  No matter how they were done I’m having problems counting the 2020 virtuals in my total so they are out across the board.  Also, never ever register for virtual marathons.

Insert optimism here.  


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