Kayaking Bow Lake - July 23 2022


Bow Lake is a 2.5 hour drive out of Calgary near the start of the Icefields Parkway.  I am fascinated by the fact the water we kayaked on then followed us to Calgary, in fact 60% of drinking water in the city is from the Bow watershed.  

If you want still water on any of the mountain lakes your best bet is early morning, but in this case hello 2.5 hour drive.  We had perfectly calm water when we parked but by the time the boats were put together it was already rippling.

The wind and waves picked up around 11.  We went south away from the lodge and into a smaller lake though the water was very shallow in some spots between them.  

We had a fantastic view of the Crowfoot Glacier.  I wish I could capture a snapshot of the warm sun, the smell of the trees and the clear air.

When the wind dropped the bugs really came out, especially on the shore.  

The lake is busy but not on the water, most people (tourist buses etc) are stopping at viewpoints or hiking.  Perfect.

After the boats were packed away, we drove north another 10 mins to Peyto Lake since the new viewpoints are open.  Parking was busy but easy and it wasn't hellishly busy on the path or viewing platform.  You have to add this.  You can get a similar view of Lake Louise from Fairview Mtn....with a 10k hike and 1000m elevation gain.  


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