Back to Glacier! Hiking Redrock Falls

 Hello Montana!  

I am so happy to be able to drive to Glacier for the weekend again!  We should have been here in 2020 but we all know how that went.  Last week I found a last minute booking for a cabin in Swiftcurrent so we set off for the US border on Saturday morning.  It was actually one of the quickest border crossings we ever had.

Getting into the park was less easy, vehicle traffic was being turned back as they were at capacity, but since we had accommodation booked we were able to bypass that (I also bought my parks pass online).  I've never seen that level of busy here before.

Redrock Falls is a shorter trail, about 6 km round trip and 150 m gain (if you climb to the top of the falls).  It's ideal for an arrival or departure day.  

It's also quite lovely.  First you pass Fishercap Lake, moose can be spotted here though we just saw deer and tourists.  

After climbing on a beautiful forested trail we arrived at Redrock Lake. The smoky skies on this trip definitely affected the light.

At the end of the lake there is an offshoot to the lower falls.  Since I hadn't checked online first I thought this was it, but wait! 

I found a gorgeous pool on the way up the rock to explore the upper falls.  The rock looks like candy.

Late season is usually not the best time for waterfalls but this one was still perfect.  I bet it's amazing during the snow melt. 

Next time we come down I'd like to follow this trail to the pass, but today the waterfalls were everything we could hope for.  I think they are deserving of a separate expedition.  

We also chose this trail as there was no need to move the car for it.  All the Many Glacier parking areas were crammed full.  That's something to be aware of especially if you're lugging kayaks around.  We ruled Swiftcurrent Lake out entirely due to lack of access.  Besides, there's something special about getting feet on the trails.

I love this place.  The peace is on another level, even when it's at capacity.


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