Meet Kaos and Daisy

We have two new amazing rescue additions to the family!  

Kaos (right) lost all her siblings to a virus, she's our little miracle.  She has two levels, zero and a hundred.  She's gorgeous and sweet, playful and curious, and she's driving the other cats crazy with her non stop energy.  She hasn't quite learned to meow yet, and instead sounds like a miniature pterodactyl (I assume, having never actually encountered one).  

Daisy (left) arrived three weeks after Kaos so she could get her vaccines.  She's the sweetest, tiniest little scrap of kitty you could ever imagine.  I can just scoop her up in one hand.  She's incredibly loving (unless you're Kaos) and affectionate.  I have tripped over her 45 million times.  She likes to rub on your ankes while arching her little back and staring up at you, it's the most precious thing I've ever seen in my entire life.  Sometimes she has a little mohawk god love her.

After a week of anarchy and hissing, these two are now best friends.  Tess and Pepper seem fascinated by them and we are making progress there too, just more slowly.  I'll just point out they both lost weight over all the kitten addition stress which was very alarming.  It has been a long month in our house.  There's nothing nicer than being surrounded by these furry little creatures though. 


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