My DietBet, a Sonic Screwdriver and New Batteries

Ah the joy of the DietBet.  My weight has been up and down (mostly up) in the manner of a confused yoyo this week.  I made the error of relocating the scales and clearly they did not approve.  I've changed the batteries in the hope they'll stop adding random weight to me.  Based on Sunday morning's weigh in I am possibly down 2 pounds.  Please don't go back up.

I also made it halfway through the 6 week exercise plan.  Bodyweight RX continues to be challenging but in a good way, generally I am knackered before the end of the warm up.  Athletic Yoga has got me questioning if I actually like or want to do yoga, ever.  Zumba was the easier class until our regular instructor came back last week.  You have not lived until you've done Zumba with Miss Jayda.  I think I love her.

Nutrition is an ongoing struggle.  Apparently I still have all kinds of bad habits.  This week I am going back to whole grain bread but that's about the only progress.

We had a blast running the Doctor Who Virtual Half on Saturday!  If you want to join in you can still register up to November 30th.  It's all right here.  There is a Half, 5k or 1 mile kids run.  If you run with your dog they even have K9 doggie medals.  Too much fun.  What a great job these ladies did organizing this event.  As I understand it they got thousands of registrations, far more than anticipated.

Deep breath, onward.  DietBet week 2 is here!  Oh buggar.


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