Fitness Wake up Bomb

Yesterday I started fitness classes at work for the next 6 weeks.  I thought about another DietBet and there are a few interesting things such as run streaks and shreds going around the internet but in the end I took the 'lazy' option of work classes because I just have to turn up and do it.  There's nothing lazy about the actual classes!  2 of my instructors are multiple Ironman finishers and they are awesome awesome women.

During my first Bodyweight RX yesterday I became acutely aware of something - I am not fit!  We mixed in a lot of cardio (running) with core and leg plus some arms (pushups).  Between lunges and planks I was a wobbly mess and I struggled.  Today is all about the pain.

Now wouldn't you think with all the running and marathon training I might be okay?  Nooooooo.

The lunchtime fitness schedule looks like this: Tues - Bodyweight RX, Wed - Athletic Yoga, Thurs - Zumba.  Plus running, not structured - when I want for as long as I want.  I'm changing the focus for the next while.

We are heading to Las Vegas in 7 weeks for a break and I don't want to be heavy for all the outdoor stuff - kayaking & hiking - I have planned.  In 2011 when I lost the big schwack of 17lbs my goal was focused on a Las Vegas hol and I guess that principle has stuck.

From the canoe/camp trip we did a couple years back

Last Chance Half

Last week was a write off after the flu.  I did get out in the snow for a 5k on the weekend and now we're in the run up to the race itself (4 days!)  No further weight loss, I still have 6lbs to lose.  Coach A will run with me, his goal is to either keep me running or get me moving if I insist on walking.  Goal time?  I will aim for 2:30 or thereabouts.

I have got to stop checking the weather as I think I'm making it worse.  On Tuesday I accidentally pulled up the Montreal forecast, and believed it (+12, I thought it was a chinook)!  Currently we have:

Freezio!  Is this stopping us?  No it is not.


  1. I am trying to not freak out about the weather because it keeps changing...however it keeps getting worse!! Best of luck at LCH this weekend!

    1. The days on either side are good though, maybe we'll get lucky? Good luck to you too, hope we get the chance to say hello before we freeze!


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