DietBet 2 - The End Is Nigh!

Today was weigh-out day for DietBet 2.  FINALLY.  To be honest I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to get.  The scale has been all over the map this month.  We are not friends.

Here's what happened:

Before (Nov 17)

After (Dec 16)

I started out at 136.8 and ended at 130.2.  6.6 lbs lost.  Way better than I thought.  I was at 127 after the May DietBet so there is still plenty work to be done.  I had been feeling better physically though I suspect having the flu and no appetite last week is what finally did it for the last bit of weight loss.  This is not a recommended diet strategy!

Now I can relax and enjoy Vegas next week.  The stress is over.  I think I will also treat myself to a new, more reliable, set of bathroom scales.


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