Santa Shuffle 5k Dec 7, 2013

The day before before the race looked like this.  It was FREEZING.  Wind chill warning of -40C.  I went out to take pics then shovelled snow from the basement window wells since we couldn't actually see out of them.  Our weather has been ridiculous this week.  When am I going to Vegas?

We picked our race packets up from the Running Room on Thursday night, they added handwarmers, great idea.  (The spaced out looking reindeer were not included).

Saturday morning is -28C with a -36C (-33F) windchill.  This will be a new personal cold (PC!) run.

The roads are okay despite the temperatures and we park underground at Eau Claire easily for 9:30am.  We head upstairs to find a bunch of santas, furry creatures and elves.  There are way more runners than I had expected given the temperature. 

Start line
The previous night I pinned a reindeer to Kev's back, one on my shoulder and one on my arm.  I felt they went well with our antlers. Yes, we got into the spirit of the thing.

At 9:50 everyone starts heading outside and we realize the race has started!  Off we go.  The next 5k are a bit blurry, I find it hard to get my camera out and functioning with gloves, mittens and handwarmers on.  I also have to wipe the lense constantly as it keeps fogging up.  The river is beautiful, the steam rising gives a cruel illusion of warmth.

We stop briefly to pry our frozen eyelashes apart.

I am just uncomfortable at this point, my scarf has frozen, my legs don't want to work and my face is numb.  I am ready for the end please!

We cross Princes Island and bolt back into Eau Claire where I run right into Tina.  Look, my hat froze!

Pic from Tina

In order to heat us up, they provided 2 Calgary Stampeders, Mr West and Mr Hughes, to give out medals.  Special thanks to Mr West for successfully putting my medal on over my antlers.  I wasn't coherent enough to take them off first.

After a closer look at Tina's 'shagging reindeer' sweater we head home.  I have no idea of our time as the Garmin refused to function.  I don't blame it.  Aren't the medals cute?

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