There are 3 training weeks until the Hypothermic Half.  I looked back at the running I did in advance of the race last year and will replicate that.  Basically a couple of short runs per week plus longs of 15k, 17k then 15k.  I am not focusing on pace.  Last year I went out primarily to listen to music and enjoy the fresh air, so I'm going to try that again.  Believe it or not I had my fastest Half time of 2013 (2:20) at last year's Hypo.

Marathon training is making me crazy.  I'm going to focus on the smaller goal of this Half then build from that.   Race day is Feb 8th and this rather cute snowflake medal will be waiting for me at the end:

In other news, I have been junk food free since last Monday and yes, I have noticed a big difference.  Say no to the donut!


Last year after a lot of research into various online running clubs, I joined Run It Fast.  Meeting and talking with some of these awesome crazy runners has been amazing and makes me glad I found my way to running. 

Here is our club profile interview.  Find out more about how Kev and I run together without killing each other.


  1. Ha ha "say no to the donut." I have to say no to a lot of things ... mainly wine :)

    1. Hi Crystal, I'm starting with small things and moving on from there...!

  2. I'm also working on saying no to the donut among other things... I've always wanted to come out and do the hypo half but I'm wussy in the cold... I can't wait to see how it goes!

    1. Hi Krista, in all honesty I do not love the cold either. I have my fingers crossed for a decent race day forecast, hoping the only snowflake is on the medal!


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