Food Intervention

Oh my didn't things go down hill fast over the festive period.  I am eating donuts for breakfast.  Now they may be lovely fresh fluffy donuts but still.  While we haven't been eating out we have been cooking chips (and by chips I mean fries) with most of our dinners.  Then there's the cheesecake and various nightly nibbles such as crisps (and by that I mean chips).  Keep up.

Despite knowing this may not be a good lifestyle choice I am finding it very hard to stop.  I feel like crap and have no energy but am still denying there is a connection.  Food coma.

I had the crappiest run ever on Jan 1, a proposed 10k turned into a 4k with more walking than running.

So here it is.

Here's why I will get my shit together:

2003, no exercise, 165 lbs

2013, marathon, 128 lbs

I don't ever want to feel as bad as I did in that top picture again.


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