Delete Delete Virtual Half April 5, 2014

Now you will be set free. This is your liberation.
Episode 4:14

Guess who was left in charge of printing the race bibs again?  Today I am Cyberbitch and Kev has been upgraded to Arse of Steel.  We set out from the TARDIS (Pontiac) which is stationed at Eau Claire and head west to Shouldice.  

Weeping Angels?  Probably not.  Mmm ice cream....

On the way out it is extremely busy but on the return leg it is suspiciously quiet.  Has everyone been deleted or taken away to be converted?

Photo Credit

Aaaarrrgh!!  Okay, maybe I just imagined that part.  

We head carefully back past the conversion warehouses.  

Delete! Delete! Delete! Delete!!
Episode 2:5

It is safe.  The Cybermen must have retreated to Telos!  But we will not forget.

Alert! Emotional subsystems rebooting.
Episode 6:12


  1. THAT is sofa king awesome. I want, nay, NEED those medals!!! yes....i shall be doing a virtal half or two soon!!! wahooo!!! now....what name should MY BIB say??


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