Under 30 Days, Escape from Zumba and a Vanduzzi

There are now less than 30 days to the marathon!  Rather than having a specific goal time, I am looking at a PR range:

Why yes, I did colour code and add faces to it.  I am an obsessed person.

Vanduzzi time

We visited the awesome Dr Kelly this week for some preventive maintenance, I had cupping/vanduzzis on both legs and have to admit it wasn't as painful as the first time last year.  I will do anything to avoid the hellishness of ITBS again.  We have 2 more sessions booked before the race.

'Artistic' shot of my leg getting done in the mirror, Kev awaiting his turn.  Can you see the fear?

Cross training

We had a fill in instructor for Zumba/Pulse today.  I was near the door so when the inevitable and awful Ricky Martin track started I was delighted to see a lost Transit driver looking for the (now closed) cafeteria.  I rushed out to assist him and complained about the lack of danish, muffin and sausage roll vendors until it was done.  Then I directed him to Good Earth.  Success!

Next up

21k is on the plan for the weekend.  Medals for the virtual Cyberman Half have arrived so we may just call it virtual race day!  This is our second Whovian themed charity race, you can read about the fun we had with the first one here.  It will be warm by then right?  Following that next week will be our longest training run of 32.2k.  I would like to run in non freezing conditions at least a few times before the race.


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