Exciting Times Ahead

I am in the midst of packing for the LA trip, we are doing carry on luggage only so expect arguments about shoes.  Oh no, not my shoes - the Mr's.  He has more than me.

I ran 15 km on Friday and my self diagnosis is to green light the Half this week.  I may take it slowly with some walking, but you bet I will be on the start line.  Over the last 3 weeks I've added 5 km/week to my long distance treadmill runs. This is possibly a bit rapid but I've only had a bit of stiffness the next day, no swelling, no pain.  Annoyingly, the lump is still there.

In other awesome news, I am going to be a Rock n Blogger for 2015!  Honestly, I did not expect to be chosen and I am absolutely thrilled.  There are so many races/destinations to consider and I am having all the fun checking out my new teammates on social media.  Perhaps we will even reprise the Running Elvi!


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