Four Days Running

I've been having awful runs lately and since I started my new job 2 months ago I've also been frigging exhausted at the end of every single day.  When I wasn't hitting either my pace or distance goal for 50k training I felt every run was a fail.

Which is really kind of stupid.

This week my coworker/work husband convinced me to get out at lunch and just run, no watch, no pressure.


I was told I would feel good after it.

It is full on spring-thinking-about-summer out there.  There were so many people out it felt like being in a race.  I ran from work to past Eau Claire and back, I even met Leana and Peter en route.

After the run?     Felt really damn good.


Run a fast 5k.  It felt good again, surprise.

I love the treadmill as I prefer to run in a sports bra and shorts which is quite acceptable in the garage.


Because mountains.

We had a mix of warm sun and random snow showers that blew in, it was a perfect couple of hours.


Run fast.

Speed bursts between benches.  Gave myself lofty ideas about running a fast 5k this year.

4 days, 4 completely different runs.  Enjoyed every damn one.


  1. I'm so glad I ran into you the other day! I hope I didn't scare you too much when I ran up to you! And hurrah for four great runs in a row!

    1. All the yay!! Seeing you was a brilliant addition to my run, awesome :)

  2. Sometimes when work is stressful and there is a LOT on one's mind -- it becomes super overwhelming and hard to focus on anything but the mire (well, maybe that is just ME, but I feel your pain). The shorter bursts and the just go - without counting how long, how far, but I "should be doing this" - helps and provides such a frigging marvy RESET!!! this is great. Enjoy this weekend too. It will be fun! And ... you may have to remind me of that too :-) HUZZAH for nice weather and fine runs wherever they may be.

    1. We are ready for a fantastic summer of running, you bet! Good times :)


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