Fave Five - Medal Edition

Let's do something just for fun. Out of all the races I've run since 2011 (around 51 I think), here are my favourite 5 medals!  #medalwhore

5. Calgary Marathon 2014.  A huge blingy belt buckle celebrating the 50th anniversary of the race.  I added a little shelf to the medal wall so I could put it up without tearing off drywall.  It's big, it's flashy and it's pretty awesome.

4. Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half 2012.  The Elvis race!  This was the first time I saw glitter incorporated into a medal and frankly I'm still impressed.  The LV sign glows in the dark.  Points lost for the ribbon, they used to be crap with RnR.  That issue is now fixed and then some!
3. ET Full Moon Midnight 51k 2014 (Rachel, NV).  I love races that don't preview the medal, the first time I saw this was at the finish line.  Those 2 little alien heads in the saucer give me a happy.  Also, more glitter and glow in the dark.  Just perfect.

2. Detroit International Half 2012.  A lovely classic medal with all things Detroit and a beautiful pop of colour.  The ribbon reflects the US and Canadian portions of the race.  Love the attention to detail.

1. The Kaua'i Marathon 2013.  It's all about the colours on the ribbon and the medal.  So vibrant.  The ribbon has a Velcro strip so you can detach it and use the medal as a bottle opener.  This is super cool.  I didn't see this medal until the finish line and I didn't want to let go of it after!  I was also impressed by how it specifically states 'marathon' on the front and 'marathon finisher' on the back since it was my first full. 
I feel pretty good now.  Bling Therapy - it's a thing.
What is your all time favourite race medal? 


  1. stroke the medals....it feels good!!! :- such pretty ones too!!

    1. We'll be bringing back a schwack from Vegas later in the year, you and I!


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