3 Degrees of Hell, Bitter Springs July 7, 2017

The first race of the three is the furthest out from Las Vegas and is also on a day of record breaking 116 degree heat.  Well if you're going to run in the heat you might as well really run in the heat.

Photo credit: George

It is so beautiful out here.

And hot, did I mention it was hot?

We had quite a bit of cloud cover but just before we started out the sun broke through.  It's always a good day when you run into George though!  We fill bandanas with ice and make sure we have more ice in our handhelds and some spare nuun.

This race is superbly organized and I'm quite excited to get going.  Until I actually get going.  Oh my it's like launching yourself into a pizza oven.  I start out running but I overheat very fast and start walking.  The first half is uphill on gravel/sand with some packed sections.

Photo credit: George

I have to yank my tank up to get some air except the air is also hot.  Just before the aid station we get some headwind.  It's even hotter.   SET already you bastard!

I feel like my skin is crawling off it's so hot.  A truck full of merry race people spraying water at me basically makes it survivable.  SO GOOD.  The aid station is wonderful with ice and more water.

Finally the sun goes down and it's downhill all the way back under the light of the moon.  It's still hot.

I am wiped!  And purple.  Kev placed 5th overall which was crazy in that heat.  I felt so bad after the race I questioned running the next day.  After 4ish hours of kinda-sleep I figured why not.

Next up: Rainbow Gardens at 7am!


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