Next! RnR San Fran

The Cornerstone Park nightmares have finally stopped.  I made a list of stuff that went wrong while the suffering was still painfully fresh so I think that will be helpful for when I try this again next year.  Yes I have registered for 2019.  Idiot.

Rock n Roll San Francisco is in 4 weeks!  We booked a hotel at Fisherman's Wharf before the new course was announced, so I was pretty excited to see the Start and Finish magically move to a block away from us.  Such winning.  We still run across the Golden Gate and we stick to the coast the entire time, I can already smell the fresh salty air.

Rock n Roll/Competitor was recently taken over by a different group and this is the first year of changes rolling out so check back for a full report from expo to concert.

The bling is already a win.

Race goals?  Just enjoy it all.  Actual film of me running RN.


See you in the fog!

*I was provided race entry as a 2018 member of RocknBlog.  Kev had to buy his own. All opinions are my own. Kev's opinions are also my own, unless he's wrong.  Then they're his.


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