Twin Peaks Festival 2018

In July this year I will be going to a place both wonderful and strange, a place I have known for 26 years but never seen.  There is no race planned during this trip and there will be no race planned during this trip.

Last Saturday I found myself poised at the PC awaiting the sale of Festival tickets at precisely 11 am.  I heard they sold out in 15 minutes last year and this year they sold out in 9.  Wow Bob Wow!  Happily I was successful and a flurry of accommodation, flight and car booking ensued shortly after.  It was meant to happen.

The 3 day event is limited to 300 tickets, it is the total opposite of your large commercial queue-centric zip-through celebrity expo.  I feel like I'm going home.  Except Chrysta Bell is typically not on the sofa when I go home.

Having been obsessed with the original two series when they aired, I had no idea what to expect with the return.  I should have though because David Lynch and Mark Frost finally had creative freedom and they fucking nailed it.  I was blown away by their finesse, it pulled me back in and blew me into outer space all at once.

The Woodsmen encapsulate the eerie, unhinged and deeply appealing/horrifying essence of the show's dark nature. All 4 main Woodsmen are attending and this is just the BEST THING EVER.  Drink full and descend bitches!

See you in the trees.


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