7 weeks to Edmonton + Medals

Well life has got in the way of training as it sometimes does.  Before I went back to Scotland I got in a 25 km run and this weekend I have a 20 km before hitting the two 30+ km training runs on my schedule.  July will be a busy month for running.  I was doing well on the speed training and I managed some hills and quite a few trails.  Now it's a case of getting my energy back and digging in for the really long runs.

The 25 was one of those painful 'sod this I'm not running a marathon or possibly ever running again' events, it seems I have at least one on every training cycle.  I did manage to try out my Torins and they worked really well.  I think they're a go for Jackpot.

Pepper kitty knows not why I do this.  I'm on the floor with the shoes.  She loves shoes.


The medals and shirts were just released and they are awesome!  Did you see them?  Edmonton always has great medals. This year we have a spinner!

Remember you can use code SUSAN5 for a discount on race entry.

*I am an ambassador for the 2018 Edmonton Marathon however all thoughts, opinions, training fails and bling excitement are 100% my own.


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