Muckle Toon AF 10k June 16, 2018

Langholm is in the Scottish borders, 8 miles north of England. It's surrounded by hills which probably didn't help with the amount and intensity of rain we got. The annual Muckle Toon Adventure Festival includes various mountain biking events, trail runs and hiking summit challenges.  Kev ran the trail Half, I did the 10k.

"It's a very wet rain"

That was my favourite quote of the day.  It absolutely was.  We braved the downpour to pick up our race bibs and buff (or whatever we're supposed to call those) then popped into the rugby club for a bit of dryness and indoor plumbing.  I think the bar was open.

We watched a number of fit looking runners arrive then realized we were going to have to go outside soon and no, the rain had not let up. 

The car was warm and dry

Before the start we had a pre-race briefing in the tent where mud and signage were mentioned quite a bit.  People were wearing everything from tanks to raincoats.  We went with long sleeve tops.  

The rain really kicked up a notch as we waited to start, it was mostly sideways thanks to the wind.  There's an ice cream van behind me.  This race has a particularly exotic mix of Geordie and Scottish accents which I am enjoying immensely.

We immediately head into town where we run past this.  There's a hell of a steep hill right after (1000ft in a mile), oh wait 10k?  Off I go to the right, no hill for me!

I get onto trails pretty quickly, they are waterlogged and squelchy as we head into the woods.  Hello mud.  Steep muddy descent to a road then back onto farm trails. The rain is going strong.  Long uphill, then this at the top.

I bet the views are amazing on a sunny day.  This is where the first place Half runner overtakes the last place 10k runner.

Everyone has something encouraging to say when they pass. It's funny hearing it in a Scottish accent.

Rain, more trails, downhills, uphills and soon we're at the edge of town again. People walking dogs encourage me to 'keep going lassie'. 

Isn't he cute?

Finally, I'm done.  That was something.  I rush off to change in the car and locate my Irn Bru.

I'm warm and dry by the time Kev appears, off to the van for a burger!

It was a lovely afternoon in Langholm despite the weather.  Dogs, runners, bikers and kids everywhere. Brilliant event.


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