Running England: Chilterns and Windsor

Way back at the start of the year we were talking about fall vacations and the destination that got us excited was London....again.  We really enjoyed Action Challenge's Thames Path 100k last year so when we saw the new Chiltern 50 on the event list it all came together.

There's something very appealing to me about starting this race exactly  where we finished the Thames Path. We leave the path quickly and turn uphill to romp in the Chilterns, elevation gain will be approx 1200m on trails, probably with a few bonus cows.  And jet lag.

Since it's a 50k instead of a 100k this time we added a cheeky little race on Sunday - The Windsor Half.  What could possibly go wrong?

Photo credit (and race report)
Doesn't it look amazing?

And CASTLE BLING!!  How regal.  The Queen designed it herself.  I made that up.  I imagine she'll be eating biscuits and cursing at all the idiots sprinting around her gardens.


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