The Canada Beer Run (Calgary) Sept 9, 2018

Credit: Canada Beer Run

Calgary's inaugural edition of The Canada Beer Run hit town last Sunday morning.  For some reason it popped up on my FB a while back (it's like my interests are being tracked so ads can be suggested, very shock).  I mentioned it at work and we instantly had a team of 10+ registered in the first wave at 11:30, Hoptimus Prime.  

The meeting/pre-party/bib pick up area was at Cold Garden, a fantastic colourful fun space I would definitely like to go back to. 

This is my number, no I didn't ask for it.  Behave yourself.  The breweries we are visiting are lined up along the bottom in order.  Like a treasure map!

Our team is assembled and the first beers are gathered!  Lovely and cold.

Hoptimus Prime is let loose to head for the first stop at 88 Brewing.  We are welcomed with more beer, fantastic music (80's), snacks and laser beams.  This is the funnest run ever.  I'm very hot.  We ran here fast.

Cheers!  We get a 5 minute warning whistle so we can drink up and be ready to depart.  Banded Peak is next and we agree this is one of our favourite beers of the day.

Run, beer, repeat.  Spotting a brewery at the end of a long running section is bliss.  Imagine thirsty travelers in the desert approaching an oasis. One that has beer! Snacks cause intense excitement - there are chips at Annex!

En route to Paddy's we briefly lose a few people to McD's. Team Waldo are still with us. Paddy's have fresh baked corn muffins, oh my god.  I have two. No regrets.

The last leg is the longest, two of our breweries (Prairie Dog and Brewster's) had issues with licensing so we are going back to end the day at Ol' Beautiful, next door to Cold Garden.  We pass wave two and I think three on our way back, high fives!

There are medals (after our bibs are checked to ensure we have every beer stop marked off). And more beer.

Where's Waldo...?

Best run of the year.  Huge PR in the beers.  Great work team!  This event was not timed and I lost count of beers.  People were able to maintain an alarmingly decent running pace despite the extent of consumed beverages.


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