Done and Done

Well that's it for 2018, all races done.  1 marathon, 2 ultras, 4 halfs and a few others - mostly fun ones.  I can't wait to have a huge break.  Other than the occasional comedic moment I have had some very long races.  Windsor.  Windsor was endless.  I did most of my races only because I signed up for them early and when I commit to something I follow through on it.  That's clearly stupid.  Having said that I'm proud of all my finishes, even the DFL.  Especially the DFL.

Next year I'm only registered for things I'm crazy about, Pittsburgh Marathon and Jackpot 48.  Actually I hate Jackpot deeply but I'm going right the fuck back in to either completely self destruct or achieve something insane.  May the lord save me from chafing.

I've never felt less like a runner than I did this year.  I'm fat, my fitness clothes don't fit so I've been avoiding classes and I'm slow as hell.  I like running, I'm just tired of races, pressure, goals, being shit (in the context of racing/timing), selfies and hashtags.  So many things I'm 'supposed' to be doing.  Does anyone really care if you post on IG?

The best piece of advice I read recently was to stop comparing yourself now to yourself in the past.  That's exactly right for me.  I deleted the app that reminds you how thin you were on this day 2 years ago or how you ran a PR 3 years ago.  We (all my neuroses and I) are entering a rebuilding phase over here.  We are delicate.  We need sunshine and kindness.  Less noise.  Less bollocks.  More cats.


Reminds me of the time Pepper fell in the bath.


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