Hello There

It looks like I haven't posted in a while - vacations will do that.  This was a great one, we enjoyed every minute of London's beautiful fall season (autumn) while missing an epic early season snowstorm back home.  We stayed right by Tower Bridge in a spectacular apartment, this view was on our doorstep every day plus Borough Market was right up the street.  Perfect.  It rained briefly once and we did not need jackets.  What is this madness?

Coming back to cold, snow, dry air and shorter days always sucks, I hate this time of year almost as much as I love spring.

I have a few posts coming, we finally made it onto the Hidden London tours of Euston's lost tunnels and abandoned Aldwych station and they were absolutely worth the wait.  We did a walking tour of Shoreditch to check out the street art including a Banksy which was very cool.  It seems a long time ago now but we started out the trip with two races - Chiltern 50 and the Windsor Half so race reports will be coming for those too.  Eventually.

In the meantime, here's sticky toffee pudding with custard courtesy of The Anchor Tap which everyone should visit for dinner ASAP.


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