Learnings of Jackpot for Make Better 48hr Race

I think now is a good time to revisit the things I'm going to do to improve the 2019 edition of Jackpot.  I have a very clear objective this year - beat last year.

Realistic goal

Last time I got caught up on a specific number, this time I absolutely want to achieve a personal long and a respectable 48 hour PR.  Focus on being out there for as much of the race time as possible.  I said I wanted to do that last year but then 100 miles popped into my head and drove me crazy and I quit.  The beauty of this race is the possibilities it gives you.  Beyond Limits!


I have a much better awareness of how this affects me. I realized during Chiltern I was only getting enough calories for half a leg at each stop and this has given me a much better idea of how often I need to eat.  I will fill my water bottle with Coke once every few laps as a lovely syrupy calorie laden treat.  We'll have small grab bags of stuff to take on each lap.


My Altra Torins are lined up and ready for action.  I am going for comfort and space across the board (across the foot?)  I have found socks that work for me too, Balegas.  Simple, right?


I see no option but to get a full bikini wax - sorry mum if you're reading this.  TMI.


We are staying at a motel 5 minutes away from the course to enable hot showers, use of a full kitchen and the chance to get changed in the warm.  Very tired = very cold for me.  Last year I kept thinking how we could be back on the Strip in the deep glorious luxury of the Treasure Island and that did not motivate me to keep going, especially for a second night. Magic Mike show vs 48 hours in a park anyone?

Mental state

After a 12 month build up, the nightmares and the obsessing I'm going to be happy to finally get my feet on the ground and get it done.  Every step puts those things behind me.  I've also built in a decent break from racing (Oct-Feb) to refresh and refocus.

Maybe this can bookend the terrible year that was 2018 and give me something positive to move forward with.  I definitely have a better perspective on how lucky I am to be able to even try these things.  Wherever dad is now I hope he isn't still worrying about my knees.

Game plan courtesy of Jenny Lawson and Neil Gaiman.


  1. Gosh .... we really do stress ourselves out, right? Glad you are taking a break and looking at the race from all angles. No doubt you will beat this year's Jackpot if you stay focused and do not stress as much . Have fun. Get that wax :)

    1. Oh yes, so much stress. I'm still second guessing the entire thing. FUN! Thanks for the encouragement :)


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