Winter Wonderland

Upper Kananaskis Lake, December 23rd 2018.  Festivus!  Feats of strength included pulling oneself back out of snowdrifts, navigating through waist deep snow and climbing over logs in snowshoes.  Grievances were loudly aired throughout.

It was around -14c with windchill.  We had glimpses of sun, gusty winds and snow showers, perfect winter weather?  Frequent snownados swirled across the far end of the lake. 

I found some great shapes in the ice.  The light was constantly changing.

Sometimes when standing still I could hear sounds of ice cracking and shifting, so we stayed near the edge despite the temptation to break out directly across the lake.

Eventually the snownados made their way to us and we headed back to the car assisted by a strong tailwind and numb behinds.

Beautiful glorious pristine snow.  I'm trying to love you winter.


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