Preparing for 48 Hours (Round Two)

This race is essentially 48 hours of move-forward potential in a small neat Las Vegas park.  Loop the fucking loop as Shirley Valentine said.  Technically 1 loop earns you this medal.  DNF is not a threat.  Unless something goes horribly wrong I'm certain I'll hit ultra distance.

I'm trying to be as organized as possible as I know being functional will be a stretch at any given point.  So, I have lists.  What to buy, what to pack, what to get ready prior to the Friday start, what needs to be in the room, what needs to come out with us for phase 2.  All of the food.  I'm planning a food/shower/clothes change break after the first 15 hours so certain things need to be left in the car (race bib, headlight, running shoes) and certain things (watches, phones, chargers) need to not be left in the car.

I am going to print lists to stick on things, including this one for the dashboard.

The plan is to complete 15 hours, head for the motel to regroup (SHOWER!) then add in another couple of 2 hr breaks throughout Saturday.  Now this could all very easily go right to shit but after last year we needed a more solid plan with set times because I can't think straight while in the race.

I do not have a crew to tell me what to do, I am bad at making decisions when I'm miserable, I might forget to eat, I might quit.  I'm hoping the year of feeling shit about the last attempt motivates me to push through this one.

Can you ever feel ready to do something like this?  I can't.  My choices are to go ahead or wait another year until I'm better trained/less fat/mentally focused.  It's been a year since the last attempt and I can tell you that since then I have not lost weight, training has been meh and mentally I'm still all over the place.  So it is on!

Here are 2 important things I learned from Nic Antoinette after reading about her PCT through hike:

The opposite of courage is not fear, it is comfort. 

2015 (12 hr - 41 miles)  2017 (24 hr - 100k)  2018 (48 hr - 100k)


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