Sexy Race Swag

There have been a few things going on lately with my favourite races and I am excited!!

First up my Rock n Roll On Stage virtual medal arrived!  It be LARGE.  I've done all the Rock n Roll virtual races so far, I'm obsessed.

Pittsburgh announced the marathon finishers gift (that's as well as an always stellar medal and a smiley cookie - I feel spoiled, but I like it).  Last year I was so sad to miss the goodr PGH edition glasses so I am beyond excited at this.  The tiny detail on the lens is the 4run2 logo - so cool.

Jackpot showed us a sneak peek of the shirt design.  Medal next I think!  

Rock n Roll have totally changed up the design for the remix medals this year.

AND there's a brand new set of heavy medals.  **Updated 1/18 to add 7-10.

AND they have announced a new set of Limited Edition medals - designs coming soon.

So many awesome things.  Exactly what I need to get me through this lonnnnnng work week!


  1. All the bling ... I like that everything is so shiny :) Your treadmill runs impress me. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you lady! Yeah, I'm impressed by shiny things I'm not even going to deny it.


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