Edmonton Training - 50 Days to Marathon

Or we could title this 'how to go from feeling incapable of running to completing a marathon'.  Well, we have 7 weeks to do just that don't we.  I have enlisted some help to get there, say hello to Coach Todd.  He's a particularly good Ironman athlete and runner and I love his approach.

Other than completing this marathon, my biggest goal is to relocate the joy of running.  I have lost that since the Pittsburgh Marathon in May and I don't think my tattoo-break has helped my fitness any.  Not to worry!  And...stay tuned for tattoo pictures, it's almost fully healed now.

My training weeks will include most of the usual elements, only with more focus and someone who knows what they're doing putting my plan together.  I've had some awesome people help me in the past, from the very start of this madness (Jen) through all the PRs (Lesley) but never as an actual coach.  Pray for us both.  Joking not joking.

Ready for some running?  If you're training for Edmonton I hope the state I'm in makes you feel better about your training.  You got this!  We can do the thing.


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