2019 Review

This year has ended considerably better than it started out.  Yay!  (Well, except for work and we're absolutely not going to talk about that). 

Running things

1 ultra (Jackpot - 45 miles), 2 marathons (Pittsburgh and Edmonton), another awesome Beer Run, a few shorter things, some fun virtuals to end the year.  No half marathons for the first year since I started racing, I didn't even run Calgary this year.  What!  

I'm happy with it.  It's been such a slog and not having anything on the schedule after August was exactly what I needed.  Thanks to that break I'm going into 2020 with a renewed love of running.

Social media

Cutting way back and since I don't plan to do any ambassador stuff in 2020 it's much easier to step away.  Don't you know my phone is for cat games?  And Pokemon.


I planned to lose some weight this year and it didn't happen.  Something had to change so I made the decision to move to plant based eating (motivated by compassion and my own health, not weight loss) and I have stuck to it.  I feel SO MUCH better, it's really turned the year around.  I do not miss meat.  FYI there are tons more vegan/veg options in the grocery store and in restaurants than the last time I tried (and failed) at this.  My absolute favourite Calgary place is Tamarind, if you live here you need to try it.

I cut out caffeine starting in September (health reasons) and because I'm no longer in Timmy's every morning I haven't even been thinking about donuts/pastries/danishes never mind stuffing them into my yap.  Who even am I?

The Lair of Sven


I have been doing Zumba regularly, I'm trying out Spin in December (update: ouch, probably not doing this again) and I'm finally enjoying having a run on the treadmill at any pace I choose for as long as I choose to.  It's great.  I love my little basement oasis.


We lost our Sia bear this year, very unexpectedly.  I miss the fierce little thing every day.  She taught her sister Tess how to climb on people and have cuddles before she left us, bless her. We only knew her as an adult kitty as she was a rescue, but when I dream about her she's a tiny fuzzy ball running around investigating things and chatting to herself.  Miss you sausage.


  1. Thanks for your comment at my blog today! I'm always impressed by marathoners. How you do it, I'll never know. I especially enjoyed your posts about the Calgary Beer Run and the Edmonton Marathon!


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