Pittsburgh Marathon virtual 5k May 3, 2020

On Sunday we decided to head out in the cool morning air to complete the Pittsburgh virtual 5k and the first part of the Steel Challenge.  It was considerably quieter than usual, we had rainbows and ridge flowers instead of bridges and 'Burghers.  I tried to think of the other 4 times we've done this race in Pittsburgh and how much I love it.  I ran my first ever sub 30 minute 5k in Pgh, I was so happy.  Then I ran a marathon PR the next day - not happening this time let me tell you!  We both did out and back sections on the ridge next to our house.  I must admit I prefer the Clemente Bridge!

After I finished my race I waited for Kev (no, I wasn't faster he had to start after me because I forgot to take a key) and Jack got involved so instead of a medal, Kev got a finisher kitty.  Jack has feelings about this and is sharing them.

Huge thanks to the Pittsburgh Marathon for offering a virtual option for 2020.  Now I 'just' have to complete the marathon part of the Challenge. 

5 years of Pittsburgh 5k finishes.  First one with a cat.  Of course he's trying to eat the Smiley Cookie.


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