Calgary Marathon 10k Sept 19, 2021 (Live race)

Last Sunday we ran the Calgary Marathon 10k.  This was Canada's biggest running event since early 2020.  It was really a joy to be around other runners.  You are all beautiful you fit glorious bastards.

Well done to Run Calgary for putting all the Marathon events on, that was quite an undertaking with all the uncertainty and last minute changes we've been having.  You all deserve a stiff beverage.

What even is the point if you're not taking a selfie in a porta-shitter before the race because you're so excited to be at an actual race again.  I'm not actually having a shit because that would be multi-tasking and I can't do that.  Also, ew who does that?

The race organizers made decisions based on what they thought would give us a safe race, so my point is that race directors should be turned to ahead of politicians in a crisis.  My cat should be turned to ahead of politicians in a crisis but only if the race directors are busy.  

Evidence of the running.  I use this term loosely.


A live finish line.  What a beautiful thing.  Running in to the finish at Stampede Grandstand is quite something, also this is a new digital finish arch and it is very cool.  I especially enjoyed being around the other human people at this event, I have missed that so much without racing.  If you crossed this line on Sunday, no matter what state you were in and how long it took you - you are awesome. 

Thank you to Jugo Juice for the freezie!  Yes, our medals are very large indeed. 


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