Meow Wolf's Omega Mart (Las Vegas)

It's a supermarket. But not really. 

There are things such as these.

Such beauty in order, precision, symmetry and colour. 

But lurking just behind the intricate arrangements there is something else.

I'm not going to spoil it, just go and immerse yourself.  We went twice on our trip for a total of 6 hours, Tuesday morning was quiet and gave us plenty time to 'do all the things'.  

Tips:  Wear closed shoes and non sporty material bottoms if you want to go on the slides.  Pick up the phones.  Notice everything.  Go though all the doors.  The stuff on the shelves is for sale.

It's a fascinating visual example of things sliding away from normal.  The Janitor's closet is a treat.

The Happles agree.

Would you like a cola?


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