There Goes 2021

Oh look 2021 is over!  The year that was supposed to be better and it actually mostly was, comparatively speaking.  As they say in running, the only way out is through.  Apparently.  I'm tired of through, please stop it.

Unrelated to any of this at all, how cool was Aunt Lydia's treadmill on Handmaids?  "Have a blessed day".  Kills me.  That's genius.  I want to make mine do that.  

What did we do this year?  We did some outstanding stuff outside, including Johnson Canyon while the road was still closed. 

Kayaking is the new hiking in our house.  This might be why I’ve put on weight.  Sod.

We ran four live actual races with other runners and bananas, that was brilliant.  One was near Las Vegas and another in Pittsburgh, those were just the best things ever.  I loved running trails in Canmore and I had a terrible go at the Calgary 10k.  Horrible.  But it was a live race with Elvis and still amazing. 

The Calgary Expo was fantastic, well done to the organizers.  It was an incredible weekend.  John Barrowman was everything.  I will always go to this event, 2021 was a special edition with limited numbers - still spectacular.

Werk brought all the glitter and Calgary had a queen on Canada's Drag Race.  Always #TeamStephanie

We managed 2 trips to the US and 1 to Vancouver Island.  We watched hockey games in Pittsburgh and Johnstown.  We saw Niagara Falls and Toronto for the first time in a million years.  I can't believe we used to live there.  My God the traffic (and people were still working from home).  Storm Crow Manor was fabulous, great food - check it out if you're in TO.  Sadly we weren't able to get to the UK this year.   

In 2022 I’m looking forward to finishing 1984.

Happy New Year! 


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