Rock n Roll San Diego 5k June 4, 2022

 I really didn't think they would print this on my bib, but here we are. 

Landing in seaside humid San Diego was an absolute joy.  We made a week of it to explore and enjoy the town and eat all the things.  I highly recommend this.

The Expo was on Friday, I needed a hat for the race so we picked that up and a couple of pins then did the obligatory photos.  RnR Expos are still relatively small compared to previous, but they make them interesting with photo ops and in this case with appearances by Ron Burgundy and Maverick.  Excellent idea.  I missed both of them but they would also be out on the course on race day.  Again, excellent.

Flat Tits lol.

Saturday Race day morning was a lovely temp, we had 16 degrees even at 6am.  What a great town this is.  It was so nice to see a lively busy fun race start area.  

Tits McGee and Pants Party.  I mean why not.

The route is beautiful, running through Balboa Park passing the Japanese garden and the museums. We cross Cabrillo Bridge then there is a long uphill along 6th Ave before turning back into the park to finish.  

Tits had a great time until the uphill around 3.5k.  I tweaked my calf (recurring problem) and had to walk before getting irritable about the entire situation and sprinting the last little stretch to the finish line.  It felt great until I stopped and couldn't walk.  

Flying Tits.  I crack myself up.

There's nothing like a nice sit down after a race.  Until you try to get back up.  It’s not even 8am yet and there's already a medal.  Super duper.  Kev is off acquiring bananas.

We gimp over to take the bus home to the Omni, there are so many gorgeous flowering trees above they gave us a pretty little carpet.  I love this race.  At this point I have completely forgotten I'm supposed to run a Half tomorrow.  


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